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Ethiopian Sidamo Organic

Ethiopian Sidamo Organic

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Our Ethiopian Sidamo is more than just a coffee; it's a connection to a vibrant land and its passionate people. Grown organically in the lush Sidamo highlands, under the watchful eyes of generations-old farmers, these beans whisper tales of ancient tradition and meticulous care. Each natural sun-drying process unlocks a symphony of flavor: brown sugar sweetness, decadent dark chocolate, and a delicate floral whisper. With a medium body and low acidity, it's a tribute to Ethiopia's terroir, inviting you to savor the soul of a remarkable place in every sip.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Aaron Ulland

Organic Ethiopian Sidamo

Chris Campbell
Dark roast

Roasted to perfection! Sometimes the darker you go the more bitter the coffee can be. Buck does a great job of extracting that deep dark flavor without the bitter aftertaste some other brands have. Bravo sir! A fantastic cup of coffee!

J. Brubaker
Enjoyed it Light and Dark

We tried these beans both as a light roast and a dark roast. The dark was good. What struck me was the light roast. I am not normally a light roast person, but after I sweetened this a little extra, I loved it! It was so bright and cheerful, but with a beautiful creaminess to it. It made me think I should maybe try light roasts more often.

Aaron Mullenix
Amazing coffee

Been drinking this coffee for months! It’s so good!